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Clifton Fourth's distinctive espadrilles and Panama hats are a blend of classic London city style and the carefree natural beauty of Cape Town. Both the espadrilles and the Panama hats are handcrafted using the highest quality materials to ensure the quality, comfort and luxuriousness of the items.



Handcrafted in northern Spain, in an area called La Rioja, Clifton Fourth espadrilles are made using only the finest genuine leather to create the softest suede and pony skin calf hair.

Being committed to both traditional and artisanal craftsmanship, Clifton Fourth espadrilles employs skilled artisans, who have learnt both the old practice of weaving the jute into a solid and tight base and the precise skill necessary to sew and attach the parts of the espadrilles together. Clifton Fourth has sought to combine the classic style of espadrilles with the highest calibre leather materials in various colours and patterns and so upgrade the traditional espadrille into a more comfortable and luxurious staple for any wardrobe.

By combining eco-friendly leather with a thick rubber sole and a leather-cushioned insole, both comfort and quality are assured to guarantee the high standard of each item.

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Clifton Fourth Panama hats are completely handwoven in Ecuador by the skilled hands of local female artisans in various rural communities. These 100% toquilla straw panama hats are created within an ethical framework and uphold Fair Trade values.

Despite being known as "Panama" hats, their true origin, and the ancient skill behind the weaving of the hats, is from Ecuador.

The entire process of the creation of the hats is done at the homes of the artisans, their traditional place of work. It is an activity that has been passed down through many generations and has become an integral part of their lives.

One of the philosophies behind Clifton Fourth is to create a culture of unconditional respect towards our planet. So every activity involved in the creation of these hats is done with the utmost respect towards the environment. The toquilla straw for Clifton Fourth Panama hats is cut and cleaned by hand, having been dried by nature in the wind and under the Ecuadorian sun. So not only are these hats beautifully hand-woven by master artisans creating high quality lasting pieces, but they are also sustainable since the natural materials used come from reusable sources and are sustainably harvested.

All those involved in the production of these beautiful hats are educated in sustainable practices, so that the environmental impact is lowered through limiting the energy consumption involved and employing nature's own elements.

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